I don't usually read romance. I prefer epic fantasies, thrillers or dystopian fiction over new adult. This September however, I binged on Colleen Hoover, Christine Brae and Tarryn Fisher especially because they were coming to Manila. Their books are guilty pleasures!

Among the three, I like Tarry Fisher best. Marrow and Mud Vein are very good reads. Love Me With Lies series also gets four stars from me. Naturally, National Bookstore did not have the complete set on sale. Did you expect us to ask them to sign our Kindles? :) Oh wait, it has to have a butterflying National Bookstore price tag.

(I'm just annoyed that National Bookstore can act such a noob in signing events. I would have loved to get all of Tarryn Fisher's books, but National Bookstore don't even have them in stock. Most of us had to wait for the event just to buy Christine's books and Colleen and Tarryn's Never Never. I was the 56th in line and by then, the measly [more or less] twenty copies have been bought. Oh honestly, don't you guys read? *Hermione Granger voice* You should have known everyone would be clamoring for copies. You knew Tarryn and Christine were coming for a year but still you didn't have enough of their books. You bought the local publishing rights!!!!! And please make your logo smaller on the covers, I love red but your logo in that size looks ugly! There. Rant over.) 

 To be continued when I'm no longer pissed off... 


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